Michael Kerins was born to tell stories – he learned from his blind father, whose gift for oral communication was immense. Born and bred in Glasgow, of Glasgow born parents, Michael is a master storyteller and a multi award winner.

These awards including the “all Scotland TALL TALES Storytelling Oscar 2008″ and  “Aye Write Tall Tales Oscar 2010″.

He is seen by many as a great all rounder and at ease with any age range and ability.

One of his most famous characters is of course weetom. weetom’s adventures takes him into many situations which are fun and exciting and engages children to get involved.

“So who is weetom”


A long, long, long, long time ago there was a wee boy who had not just one, but five names. His first name was Thomas, his second name was Patrick, his third name was James, his fourth name was O’Neill (that’s his Granny’s nam


e), and lastly he was called Thumb.


But nobody ever called him any of these names. They only ever called him weetom. Now, when I say ‘they’ I mean everybody. When weetom when to the doctor, on his prescription was written weetom. When weetom went on holiday, his passport said weetom underneath his photograph.

And weetom is wee.

Now, I don’t mean that he’s wee like a fairy, or an elf, or a goblin, or a sprite, or something magical. No, I mean he’s wee. He’s not magical; he’s ordinary, just like you or me. And if weetom came into your house, you could pick him up in your hand and he would talk to you.

You could pick him up, because he’s not heavy, he’s very light. And he’s very light because he’s very small – he’s no bigger than the height of a thumb.

In every single weetom story you’ll also meet and read of the adventures that he has with Uncle Dan. Uncle Dan is weetom’s mum’s younger brother. But, unlike weetom he’s not wee. He’s big. He’s bigger. He’s bigger than that again. He’s full of fun and is bursting with life, love and adventures just for weetom.

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